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Wedding Photographer Stu Ganderton

Hello, I am Stu Ganderton, and thanks for taking the time to look through my website.

I am a wedding photographer, based in a village just outside of Sheffield where I live with my wife Carole. I originally started my working life as a graphic designer, but in the pursuit of earning a decent living, I became a salesperson and then ran my own I.T. business for 15 years. It was not until I renewed my interest in photography that I realised where my passion actually lay and turned my career around to become a full-time wedding photographer.

Wedding photography to me is more than just a way of earning a living. To me, it is a driving passion. Being intimately involved in a couples day is an honour, either as a guest or professionally. Totally present in the moment, awake to the ever-changing action. Feeling the happiness, the smiles, and the tears. I am recording little slices of history and catching the emotions forever. This responsibility is intoxicating and sometimes overwhelming.

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My influences are reasonably timeless English, but not traditional. Which is why my images are honest, clean and sharp, but strong with a dark mysterious edge. I said this to a past client and they responded with,"A bit like Jason Statham in a sharp suit?" Not exactly how I would put it, but yes. I am not one for following the crowd on the current trendy editing style or instagram filter. And in the same vein, I am not into cheesy poses, jumping or props. Your wedding day will only happen once, so give it 100%, and lets create something amazing to put in your album and hang on your wall to make your friends go wow.

It is an overused expression, but I am passionate about wedding photography. To expand further, I am passionate about telling stories by creating images that will capture the emotions and moments of a couple’s day in a way that does not intrude or invade or interfere. We’ve all been to the weddings where it appears the day is laid on for the photographer. Shouty, bossy, over friendly or sometimes rude photographers doing cheesy poses and masses of group shots. This was a fear on my wedding day, and why I was reluctant to even hire a photographer. So when I decided to make this my career, I wanted to do it differently. So I became the photographer that I would have wanted at my wedding day.