06/04/2017 /

Alex & Alison - Swancar Farm Wedding


Photofilm By Stu Ganderton (Wedding Photographer Sheffield)

Alison and Alex had their wedding at Swancar Farm on the outskirts of Nottingham in February 2017. Alison looked stunning in her sleek fitting dress, and Alex scrubbed up OK as well in his blue suit with tweed waistcoat. However their 2 1/2 year old Oliver definitely stole the show with his improvised super cute cameos across the day.

Even though the weather had been dubious all week, we lucked out and had a lovely day with no rain or wind. Which is unusual for mid February in the UK.

Alison and Alex’s timeline was condensed to say the least. I approached this in the same way that I do every other wedding. We got through the group shots quickly and I only had 2 very quick sessions with the couple.  We got the shots that we needed, and there are some real stunners. This left them to celebrate their wedding day with their guests without interruption from their photographer.

All of the audio was recorded live on the day, including the harp music that plays continually in the background.

Venue – Swancar Farm
The Dress – Beau Belles
Men’s Suits – 2015 Bridgens of Derby
Flowers – Flowers by Joy
Harpist – Christine Palethorpe
Photography – Stu Ganderton

Click below to view their PhotoFilm. (turn on sound and view in HD)

Stu Ganderton is a full time wedding photographer Sheffield who specialises in documentary wedding photography and creative portraits. Stu is based in Sheffield and works all over Yorkshire and the East Midlands. One of the joys of being a sought after wedding photographer is the opportunity to travel. I regularly find myself in many different UK locations as well as numerous destination weddings each year. These have been in Europe and even further afield worldwide.