Halifax Hall Wedding Photography
Gemma & Tim

A bitterly cold January day, with snow on the ground and a wind that chilled you to the bone. That did not stop Gemma smiling all day…

How timeless and elegant is this black and white collection from their day?? I always tell people “Classic never goes out of fashion”, and these will still be stunning in a couple of decades from now. Gemma said she was going for “Audrey inspired”, I think she would be honoured.

For photographers
January weddings are notoriously tough due to the lack of light, and whatever is available naturally is usually low quality. On top of this, as a photographer, you are trying to fit in with a tight timeline which rarely will give you optimal situations. As an added challenge, this day was freezing so to get any time with the couple outside had to be very short so that they did not get cold. I spend a lot of time trying to pre-plan the next step, my next shot, what light have I got and what light do I need to introduce.

When G&T have had time to peruse their images I will post them up here, for now enjoy this…..

Church – St John the Baptist, Dronfield 
Reception – Halifax Hall, Sheffield

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