Sheffield Cathedral Wedding Photography
Helen & Will

A wedding full of tasteful luxury.

I met Helen and Will at my very first wedding fayre in what seems like an absolute eternity. The venue of the wedding fayre was a massive juxtapose, with it being not the poshest of places and Helen & Will being very obviously refined people. They did not book me on the day, but instead waited until they received an email about me raising my pricing and then confirming the booking from a sunbed in Thailand. As I learnt more of their plans, I was excited. Sheffield Cathedral wedding is not the type of setting that you get to experience everyday. Even though anyone with a link to Sheffield can get married there, they only do around 3 weddings a year. And I will be honest, on the day I felt a little bit anxious about it.

Sheffield Cathedral Wedding

I had long conversations with Canon Keith, who would be performing the ceremony, and we had agreed how the wedding ceremony was to be photographed. And he made some major concessions, so long as I abide by his rules he was prepared to provide opportunities where he would not normally. It was great to have the clergy work for the couple for once, I come up against a lot of resilience from some vicars and rectors on wedding days who are anti photographers. Understandably as usually because they have had too many experiences with rude and unprofessional photographers who have got in the way during what is actually a solemn act of worship and a legal formal ceremony. Having a conversation with Canon Keith at the reception afterwards, he was more than happy, “I did not even realise you were there” he said.  Job done.

Style –

This was a fine line between traditional and modern luxury. Simple, striking and elegant. From a dress chosen by her Nana for Helen, bespoke black suits with white cravat for Will, a to a modern Rolls Royce Phantom. All set against the stunning back drop of Sheffield Cathedral and Whitley Hall. All totally elegant and sophisticated.
***** this wedding is getting published by Brides Up North so I will let them elaborate on the style of this wedding. *****

“We only went to one wedding fair (not my kind of thing, as I already had a clear vision on what I wanted), but it was worth going to find Stu. His approach was professional from the moment we met. We both loved his journalistic style, rather than pages of staged photographs with gimmicks. 

He met with us in person and talked to us on Skype in the run up to the wedding, to make sure that he had a good understanding of us as a couple and what was important to us. He contacted the Cathedral and met with Canon Keith to ensure that both parties knew what each needed during the ceremony. He was with us for virtually 12 hours on the day and captured every stage of our day beautifully. The really subtle shots sit alongside the dramatic, and are very moving. He certainly has the ‘wow’ factor.”

What would be your top tip for other brides/grooms to be.
Make time for each other during the day- even if it is just half an hour. The day really will disappear in front of you, so make the most of every moment.

Suppliers on the day

Venue – Whitley Hall
Church – Sheffield Cathedral
Flowers – Fantail Designer Florist
Dress – from Nora Eve Bridal Boutique
Suits –Bespoke at Moss bros
Cake – Janet Morwood Wedding and Celebration Cakes 
Car – Cupid Carriages

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