06/10/2016 /

Photofilm - A Yorkshire Wedding in Santorini


Samantha & Oliver’s Wedding in Santorini

Sometimes I look at my life and realise what an awesome job I actually have. And certain times you get to be included in something very very special.

When Oliver & Samantha flew me out to the Greek Island of Santorini, this was one of those times. Along with 40 of their nearest family and friends I was part of an amazing day in such a stunning location. After the Greek wedding, they were having an after party for everyone that was unable to join them for the actual day, and wanted something that could be played to make people feel that they were actually there and experience the day. I suggested a photofilm, and idea that I had been educated on a few weeks earlier. I recorded audio from their day and took sound bytes from it and set it to a relevant soundtrack. The combination on real voices and still images from the day delivers more emotion that video ever will… in my very biased opinion. Have a look … HD & Sound

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Stu Ganderton is a full time wedding photographer Sheffield who specialises in documentary wedding photography and creative portraits. Stu is based in Sheffield and works all over Yorkshire and the East Midlands. One of the joys of being a sought after wedding photographer is the opportunity to travel. I regularly find myself in many different UK locations as well as numerous destination weddings each year. These have been in Europe and even further afield.