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St. David's Cathedral Wedding - Ceris and Rowan


St Davids in Pembrokeshire is the smallest town in Britain with a Cathedral. Ceris has very personal links back to the very famous little town and the cathedral. This was always going to be an emotionally charged day as Ceris and Rowan had been together for 26 years, but Ceris’s mother was actually performing the marriage ceremony.

Sometimes as a photographer you get to experience emotional moments that the rest of the guests do not get to see or hear, and this was one of those occasions, and I was privileged to be part of it. The reception was in small intimate cliff top marquee, had it not monsooned all day we would have had more opportunity for some dramatic vistas.

Rowan was very conscious that the photography was not to be a dominant part of the day, so I ensured that my time demands on them were minimal and worked on getting those candid intimate moments

Both Ceris and Rowan got ready at the extended family holiday home just outside of the small South Wales village of St. Davids. The reception/party was also being held there in a small marquee in the “back garden”. With views out over the cliffs and St Georges and Bristol Channel, the location was stunning in its natural beauty and provided a stunning back drop. It is such a shame it turned out to be one of the wettest weekends of the summer!

A vase of flowers sat n a table in front of a window looking out over cliffs and the sea

The family all chipped in with the catering, and as the hour approaches Rowan is still in the kitchen prepping food.


Both of them were getting ready in the same house. The dress waits upstairs…


In true groom style, Rowan leaves it until the last minute


As the time gets closer the emotions start to build. Rowan gets an embrace from his son, Oshy.


Meanwhile, upstairs the girls are in the final throws of getting ready.


No matter how old they are they still need help to dress. Ceris helps Maid of Honour and daugther Rhiannon.

Mother alters her bridesmaids throw on her shoulders

One final bit of lippy…


The wedding ceremony was being held at St. David’s Cathedral, South Wales, a place that has massive family links and sentimental over tones for everyone in the family. Ceris’s Father was Archbishop, and her mother Beti is ordained and was holding the ceremony. This made for a very intimate affair.

Beti leads the bridal party through the cathedral.


Oshy was giving his mum away. A very poignant moment that signified a new chapter in the family’s life.


The ceremony was full of laughter








Jubilation….. fist pump!


And love


As friends and family gathered in the main area of the Cathedral, congratulations are given and photographs are taken for personal keepsake.


Out the corner of my eye I see that someone had taken a private moment to themselves to go a light a candle to their father, who although missing in body was never far from thoughts.


The guests then make the short but somewhat treacherous journey back to the house for food and homemade wine that has been kept for many years for this special occasion.


A small break in the weather gave everyone the opportunity to get outside breifly with their cameras. “Behind” the scenes of a group shot.


Confetti …


The groom toasts his bride.


Holding back the tears.


The kids make a speech as well.



Which of course brings more tears and laughter.


So the occasion then did what every family get-together does, it goes on well into the early hours. Discussions and stories are retold with more vigor as the hangovers get worked on. The intimacy of this day was very special.



But before I put my camera away, I wanted to get one creative shot for them. I had spotted a gate just behind the marquee, that for some reason appealed to me. It was 10:30 pm, there was no light at all, it was chucking it down with rain. A very reluctant groom and a bride in her flip flops trudged outside, posed, I clicked and then they went back inside.


Congratulations to Ceris and Rowan on finally tying the knot.

This is a very small example of the images that I handed to them.

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