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The Kiss


It’s one of the defining moments of a wedding day, “The First Kiss”. Wedding photographers refer to it as THE KISS due to the paramount importance of getting the shot of that moment.

If you watch an experienced wedding photographer during a ceremony, their body language will change as the moment approaches, they know it is one of the shots they must deliver to the client. Woe betide any other guest getting in the way with their mobile phone during this one moment.

It is always interesting to see how each couple will do it. You are stood in front of your nearest and dearest, center of attention, and you are told to kiss your new Husband/Wife. Depending on personalities depends on what happens, we as the photographer never know. Most have a lingering kiss and then an embrace. The more flamboyant groom who have watched too many films will go for a scoop and dip, Gone With The Wind Style. The most difficult one for the wedding photographer is the more shy couple who literally just have a speed peck, in-out, done. My favorite are the ones who get lost in the moment, like Sam and Cal in this picture, who end up getting heckled to shouts of “Get a room!”, or the repeat offenders who go back in for another one.

So a piece of advice from your photographers point of view. I know how important this moment is, and I want to catch it as much as you want me to.  When you are told “you may now kiss your bride”, pause just before you touch lips. This slows down the process and gives me a chance to make sure I have finally kicked Aunty Mildred** out of the way with her iPhone, but it also creates a moment of suspense that when caught on camera is more powerful than puckered up fish faces or two faces squidged together.

** No Aunty Mildreds have ever been harmed, hurt, or maimed during a ceremony.
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