Natural & Documentary Wedding Photographers South Yorkshire

My Approach

Every time I attend a wedding, either as a guest or professionally, I feel privileged to be part of that couple’s day.

My previous clients have told me that this shows in both how I conduct myself on the day, and also in my work. On average I shoot over 40 weddings a year, so I guess in some degree I have become an expert on weddings and how they operate. To me, a wedding is a collection of intimate moments, of individual emotions and a collective of celebration. I know what to look out for and when these moments are happening. I believe this is what separates a wedding professional from “Uncle Bob” who owns a nice camera. (As one of the photographers I look up to once said, “Owning a camera and going to a wedding doesn’t make you a wedding photographer, in simply makes you a camera owner going to a wedding”.)

Black & white photo of a wedding reception with bride and groom kissing photographed by Wedding Photographers South Yorkshire

Capturing special images & creating beautiful wedding galleries for my couples is what I do best.

So when I got married, I was fearful of hiring a photographer. I still have my parents wedding album and they still have my Grandparents album, and I myself wanted a legacy, an album that my family could look at in many years to come that would portray our story.  However, I did not want the unemotional feel of the unnatural poses, or the masses of awkward group shots that frustrate and bore both myself and my guests. Video to me would tell the story, but I knew that technology was changing, so how would I watch a VHS tape now? Print and book will always outlive technology. So this personal experience defines the approach that I now take towards wedding photography.

You will see from my work and words on this site, that my approach is not that of a traditional wedding photographer. My style is one of narrative, natural, candid, observation. By definition, this is reportage or documentary. I will follow, observe, study, pre-empt and react to developing situations. This noninvasive approach leaves you to be yourself on your wedding day. One thing I do is ensure that I know your story before your wedding day, either by Skype or in a face to face meeting. This way you do not get a strange face at your wedding, and I get to understand who you are and who is at your wedding. This helps me to anticipate those all important interactions better.

A picture of a bride and groom in low light on farm land.

I fully appreciate that weddings are huge family affairs, so family group shots are somewhat of a necessity. I think these should be planned and kept to a minimum to decrease the impact on time and allowing you both to maximise the time spent with your guests. This is the only point that I will take any form of control ensuring it is dealt with quickly and efficiently. In turn, this will generate more photographic opportunities for me.

Now, I am a photographer. I love creating art. In fact, it is a very important aspect of my business model. I want to take pictures that you are going to want to buy from me have enlarged into huge prints, framed and hung on your wall. Images that will adorn your house walls and invoke conversation from guests. To achieve this I ask that my couples allocate 30-­45 mins from their day to having their wedding portraits done.

So that’s how I approach your day. I am your photographer, wedding planner, guest, all rolled into one fairly likeable package.

Please have a look through my work, have a look at what I am all about and how your day matters to me, and then please contact me so that we can discuss your wedding photography. I prefer phone as it’s more personal, but email is absolutely fine.