Not all Wedding Photographers are Equal

the bride putting on her shoe at Rossington Hall Photography by Stu Ganderton Wedding Photography.

How I approach your day

Ask anyone that has known me for a while and they will tell you I have never tried or wanted to be like anyone else. It is not that I have wanted to stand out or be purposefully different, I just do things my way. Over time this has carved me and my personality, and in turn it has defined my style and direction.

In my early business career, this did actually make me stand out from the crowd, I thought about the approach to my market differently and it gave me success. It was not until I picked up a camera and found an avenue that allowed me to embrace my creativity that I realised rules are just a barrier to achieving the results I wanted. So I now know that the best way is my way, and that is how I do it. This is called passion.

"...your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your children,and your grandchildren..."

An elegant and sophisticated last moment before her wedding at Rossington Hall Photography by Stu Ganderton Wedding Photography.

And this passion is how I approach your wedding day. Delivering to you a collection of images that will be timeless and last a lifetime, taking your straight back into the moment of your day, filling you with the same emotions you each felt and everytime you view them.

Through my experience I have learnt that standing on the edge and observing the action happening somewhere in front of me is not the best practice to achieve the best results. On your wedding day I want to be right there among the action, experiencing everything as it happens. Not in a bossy overpowering way, put in a professional and friendly way where your guests accept and recognise me as one of them. It is the most pure and genuine way I know to capture the essence of your day. It is very empowering to be alive and present in the moment, knowing that you are recording tiny slices of history. And that’s as simple as it gets.

Your wedding day captured by someone who experienced it at the centre of where it happened.

From the heart and soul.