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The aim of my photography work is to tell a story by a collection of images, that is what reportage photography is all about. A story in it’s entirety is made up of chapters, and as such each image should then be able to tell it’s own micro story or be able to enable someone to tell the story around it. A picture is just a moment, time frozen.

Specialising in Reportage Photography, for a natural and relaxed approach..

Wedding photography Sheffield by Stu Ganderton Photography

The bridal suite when everyone is getting ready can be a melee full of action. Hairdressers, make up being done, dresses and shoes everywhere, people coming and going. Sometimes you just need to take yourself off for that moment of solitude.

A beautiful bride has a quiet moment of reflection.

When everything has gone still. That moment of quite contemplation of what will unfold throughout the day.

Wedding Photographer Sheffield

Dads at weddings are always the most unpredictable, I never know how they are going to handle the day and what emotions they will allow to be show … that moment they see their daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.

A groom waiting for his bride at the end of the aisle has a cheeky grin as he catches the eye of an approaching bridesmaid who is giving a suggestive look.

Some grooms look up the aisle, some stand fixed gazed. Here there is a mirror in front of him. Originally he planned to look back but he stood with his head down. That moment when had just looked up and caught the eye of the bridesmaid.

The groom wipes away the tear of his crying bride as they stand at the alter whilst saying their vows.

The vows are the most intense part of any day. Some smile, some cry, some freeze, most get their lines wrong. That moment when the groom wipes his wife’s tears away.

That moment of complete realisation.

Every wedding is a journey. In some cases that journey has it has taken years. That moment when a you say “we did it mum, we finally did it”

This is one of my favourite pictures. It is a such a personal and precious moment. I am honoured to have been able to give them this. Read more about it in the blog post.

That moment of just being together.

Or that moment when you can just steal a kiss.


Kids and weddings are like strawberries and cream. They always bring moments. This one was when dad had done laps of the venue looking for her.

Friends. That moment when you realise you could not be without them.

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